Datalink watch strap replacement

T53722 TX53722 Timex Ironman USB replacement strap Data Link System

Despite its ugly appearance, I like the functionality of my Timex Ironman Datalink watch. So much so, that I bought an extra one when I found that they had been discontinued. Despite buying an extra strap or two while they were still available I eventually found that I needed to replace the strap again. The way that the strap joins the watch gives the appearance that only the correct strap can be used, but actually it is possible to fit other 19mm straps to this watch. I have successfully used a 19mm black resin strap intended for a Swatch, but I expect that it might even be possible to use a leather strap.

The Swatch strap that I used was listed on eBay as 19mm HEAVY DUTY RESIN SWATCH STYLE WATCH STRAP SWATCH IRONY CHRONO etc.. This strap does not have the useful "bump" on the end that the original Timex strap has. It is more likely to slip out of the loop than the original strap - but it is better than no strap! This strap can be bought with or without the pins, BUT THE PINS supplied with the one I bought were not sprung, so not much use with the Data Link watch. Fitting is a bit fiddly, but easier if you possess the little fork tool that used to come with the replacement Ironman straps.

Please let me know if you find anything more suitable than this - a resin strap with an end bump (like the original) would be nice. Also, I'd be interested in your experience with other straps (e.g. leather and other types).